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Helensville Primary School Board 

 Since December 2019 the Ministry of Education has had a statutory intervention in place at Helensville Primary School. This was initially a Limited Statutory Manager who became a Commissioner upon the resignation of the school board in May 2020. That is still the case today. That means that the school does not have a board in place and the school is governed by a Commissioner. The Commissioner has all the powers, functions and responsibilities of a school board.

The initial LSM and then Commissioner, was Terry Bates who is an experienced educational leader  but  was forced to step down for health reasons. The current Commissioner is Bruce Adin who is an experienced former school Principal for 30 years and former Regional Manager for the Ministry of Education. 

The Commissioner will remain in place until the Ministry decides that  the environment within the school and between the school and its community is conducive to the election of a school board.

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