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Deborah Heasman

Ko Owairaka te maunga                       

Ko Te Whau te awa                                

Ko Waitemata raua ko Manukau te moana    

No Owairaka ahau                                  

Ko Burnie toku papa                              

Ko Pat toku mama                                   

Ko Bob toku hoa rangatira                 

Ko Deborah toku ingoa

He Tumuaki ahau o Te kura tuatahi o Te Awaroa

I am privileged to be the leader of this outstanding school where every day brings new and motivating experiences. After nearly 12 years as Principal of my previous school I was excited by a move to Helensville and I have been rewarded by a community that is supportive, teachers who are innovative, dedicated and creative and students who bring joy to my heart in so many ways.

Being the youngest of 6 children and growing up originally in Mt Albert I spent my childhood, like many of our children do here, racing around outside, quarrelling and laughing with my siblings and then reading as many books as I possibly could. I was addicted to reading and this fascination, alongside music and drama were the things that enticed me to the field of education. There was so much to learn and share and I wanted to be part of creating that opportunity for others. Many years later my decision to become a teacher has been a choice I have continued to celebrate and having the chance to collaborate and learn alongside others is my passion.

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, Engari he toa takitini

My strength is not made of one, but by many