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HPS Enrolment Process

If you are eligible to enrol at our school (See Zone map below):

  • Either fill in the online form or pop into the office and pick up a hard copy.

  • When your forms are completed (and documents checked) an enrolment. appointment with the principal will be made for you and your child.

  • After this appointment, times will be arranged for school visits (if your child is a new entrant). Please note that your child will need to be accompanied by a member of your family during these visits.

What you need to do:

  • Complete the enrolment form

  • Provide all the supporting documentation requested

  • Buy a school uniform

  • Buy stationery (available at Paper Plus)

Helensville Primary School operates an enrolment scheme.

The home zone, based on the Helensville School Transport Entitlement Zone includes:

  • All of Mangakura Road

  • The section of State Highway 16 from the roundabout at the intersection of Mill Road and State Highway 16, heading south and ending in Bradly Road.

  • All of Rimmer Road Goudie Road

  • All of Te Pua School Road

  • All of Mill Road

  • The section of State Highway 16 heading north to 380 State Highway 16 on the southern side, and 391 on the northern side. Abel Road and Ferngully Road are not included.

  • The section of Inland Road starting at the south side of the bridge which is in the location of 180 Inland Road on the west side and 197 Inland Road on the east side, and heading towards Helensville township to Wishart Road. 

  • All of Wishart Road.

  • The section of Old North Road from the intersection of Wishart Road to, and including, 1333 Old North Road on the southern side, and 1370 OldNorth Road on the northern side.

  • The section of Kiwitahi Road up to and including 529 Kiwitahi Road on the northern side and directly opposite 529 Kiwitahi Road driveway on the southern side ( currently no house ).

Please note that all children presently attending Helensville School are eligible to remain at the school, regardless of their current address.

In terms of the enrolment scheme, the following priorities are used:


Applicants accepted for a special programme

(currently there is no such programme)



Siblings of current students



Siblings of former students



Children of former students


Children of board employees or board members


Sixth list item. Add your own content here or connect to data from your collection.



All other applicants

At Helensville Primary, your child's teacher will use
an app called Seesaw as one of the ways to keep in touch with you about their learning and any upcoming events.
To learn more about Seesaw and other ways to keep up to date with what is happening at school, just click on the button below.

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