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Fran Holmes

Year 3/4 Teacher in Miro Team 

Ko Australis tōku waka.

Ko McKenzie Puke te maunga ki taku taha

Ko Yorkshire te whenua

Ko Rautawhiri Rori ono tekau whitu tōku marae.

Ko ingarangi tōku iwi.

Ko ngati pakeha tōku hapū

Ko Betty toku mama

Ko Alex taku tama

Ko Fran taku ingoa.

Kei Te Awaroa tōku kāinga.

Nō Ingarangi ahau.

Tena Koutou,  
My name is Fran Holmes.  I have worked at Helensville Primary School since 2010.  First as a Teacher’s Aide and then as a Teacher. I believe that as teachers, we have the task of setting up our children to be life long learners. I am therefore, planning my year to be a happy, fun-filled but challenging learning experience for my children and also for myself. My goal for this year is to identify and nurture the potential in all of my children, by using positive affirmation to build up their senses of self and by encouraging them to try new things. I think teachers are instrumental in building the citizens of tomorrow and I am honoured to be sharing my year with your children.

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