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Gifted And Talented

Gifted and talented students are those who have the innate (potential) ability to achieve at an exceptional level, in relation to their same age peers, in one or more areas. Gifted and talented students can be found in every culture and in every socio-economic group. Some will show their talents at an early age, others will take longer to develop. Nurturing these students is important to avoid underachievement.


Identification is flexible and ongoing and will take place through a range of techniques that may include:

  • school enrolment data

  • school assessment data

  • student/parent/class/teacher questionnaires

  • student/parent/teacher interviews

  • observation

  • analysis of creative work

  • sociograms

  • teacher observation scale

  • teacher rating scale

  • cross-cultural teacher rating scale

  • teacher, parent, peer and self nomination.

Ongoing gathering of information is necessary. Gifted and talented abilities may emerge at different times of a student's education and in different circumstances.

Identification techniques will be sensitive to cultural factors, students with learning disabilities, students with disabilities, underachieving students and socio-economic background. A responsive learning environment will be encouraged to facilitate this.

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Provision for gifted and talented students 

Differentiated programming will be tailored to the individual strengths and interests of identified students to further develop identified strength/potential. Provision will:

  • generate a high level of interest in learning

  • develop the tools of thought (study and research skills, skills in observation and perception, communication skills, thinking skills)

  • develop the student’s intellectual and creative skills as far as possible

  • foster emotional, social and ethical growth (REACH model)

There will be a range of provision that may include:

  • in class differentiation - individual, group

  • cross grouping between classes when appropriate

  • withdrawal programmes

  • cluster programmes

  • external providers, 

  • mentors

  • acceleration

Development plans may be implemented for students where learning needs may not be being met – these will involve the GaTE teacher, parents, teacher and student.

Cultural relevance will be considered. Parents will be informed of all special programmes that students are involved in. Evaluation of programmes will be carried out as appropriate.

Gifted and talented education is not viewed as a stand alone part of the school day. Professional development will be provided as required. Teachers and support staff will be given appropriate assistance with planning to meet differentiated needs. Where possible, the strengths and interests of teachers as well as mentors from the wider community will be utilised to maximise the learning opportunities provided.

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Arohia Ake - Aim High

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