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Relationship based Learning

At HPS we have a Relationship-based Learning (RbL) schoolwide approach. This approach is culturally responsive and focuses on learning, not behaviour.

We aim to engage with our learners and what they bring to the table when they come to school. Knowing who our learners are and where they come from is the first step in starting a shared learning journey.

Teachers work to respond to diverse groups of students and develop teaching practices that promote learning for everyone. In this approach,  students’ prior knowledge, language and ways of making sense of the world are used to inform teaching practices rather than being seen as barriers to learning.

RbL Benefits:


  • Positive learning relationships between staff and students

  • Students driving and taking ownership of their own learning

  • Localised curriculum (with links to the community)

  • A ‘no blame’ mindset to create optimal learning conditions and interactions - with a focus on improved attendance and outcomes for students

  • Students involved in co-constructing learning

  • Improved partnerships with whānau

  • Improved outcomes for all learners


                 RbL is a research-based New Zealand approach adopted in many schools.

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