Ko Rimu Mātou!

We are Rimu!

Meet our dedicated teaching team…


This term’s inquiry is all about ‘Ko wai au?’ (Who am I?). Through interactive activities, discussions, reflection and guidance, our students will be looking at what makes them who they are. Where do they come from? What is their history? What makes them special and unique?

We have both swimming and camp this term! How exciting. You will receive on-going information about these things via newsletters, Seesaw messages and/or email. Keep an eye out for these things. 

 Our technology rotation continues down at Kaipara College from Week 8 of Term One. We are looking forward to seeing the students creations in food, fabric, digital and hard materials.  

Do you have some spare time? Are you available to help out in our classrooms or do some reading/basic facts with our students? Whānau helpers are always appreciated in our classrooms so let us know if you can help out. 

We have an open door policy. If you would like to share information about your child or find out how they are doing in class, pop in. If your matter requires more discussion, you may need to make an appointment time with the teacher.