Uniform Requirements


Uniforms are available for purchase from NZ Uniforms  www.nzuniforms.com


1. Hats

a. Approved hats must be worn outside during Terms One and Four.

b. Bucket or legionnaires sunhats with a wide brim.

2. Footwear:

              a.  Sandals

                               i. Plain black

                               ii. Back strap

                               iii. Suitable for all school activities

               b. Shoes

        i. Plain black

ii. Velcro (if possible) for Juniors

iii. Flat soled

iv. NO boots, jandals or high heeled shoes

c.  Socks and Stockings – Girls

                                i. Plain white socks

                                ii. Plain navy blue tights

            1. These are to be worn with shoes, not sandals
            2. Sock and tights may not be worn together

d.  Socks – Boys

                                 i. Plain navy blue socks

            1. These are only to be worn with shoes, not sandals

3.  Hair Ties or Headbands

a. Plain black, white or blue

4.  Any clothing worn underneath the uniform must not be visible. 

5.  During Term 2 and 3 students may wear a Helensville uniform navy blue fitting thermal top and Helensville uniform navy blue tracksuit pants.

6. Jewellery:

        a. Small, plain studs or small, plain sleepers in their ears

        b. A watch

        c. A medic alert bracelet/necklace

        d. Jewellery which is of cultural or religious significance upon notification to the principal

7. All items must be clearly named

8. Make up is not permitted

9. Scarves, non-uniform raincoats or gloves worn on the way to school must be removed upon arrival