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Uniforms are available for purchase from NZ Uniforms

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Other Uniform requirements 

Socks and Stockings: Plain black, navy or white socks or tights.

​​​​                                     (These are to be worn with shoes, not sandals  and socks and tights may not be worn together)

Hair Ties or Headbands: Must be plain black, white or blue (Long hair should be tied back)


 During Term 2 and 3 students may wear a plain thermal top and long navy pants.


  • Approved hats must be worn outside during Terms One and Four.

  • Bucket style sun hats 

      with a wide brim.

  • In Term two and three plain, dark coloured beanies may be worn outside.

Sports Tops

These are optional



Sandals: Dark colours only, back strap and suitable for all school activities

Shoes: Dark colours only, velcro (if possible) for Juniors and flat soled


NB:  No boots, jandals, Crocs or high heeled shoe​​​s.​

  • All items must be clearly named

  • Any clothing worn underneath the uniform must not be visible.

  • Make up is not permitted

  • Scarves, non-uniform raincoats or gloves worn on the way to school must be removed upon arrival

  • Jewellery:

        a. Small, plain studs or small, plain sleepers in their ears

        b. A watch

        c. A medic alert bracelet/necklace

        d. Cultural items

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