Digital Devices at HPS


Here at Helensville Primary School, our aim is to creating a safe online learning environment, and to the development of our students into capable digital citizens. 

Digital Technology is integrated into daily classroom life, across all curriculum areas using a variety of methods and devices.
An area that is forever changing and evolving, we are aware that parents and our community often feel out of touch with this aspect of our children's learning.

This page will hopefully help to bridge this gap.


Responsible Users Agreement          (Yr 1-4) Responsible Users Agreement          (Yr 5-8) BYOD Guidelines and Contract      (Yr5-8)


Thinking of BYOD for 2024? We have signed up with Noel Leeming who has offered our HPS families great products and prices for devices to assist with school work.

Click the link to check out what has been suggested and offered to us.


We are a Google Suite School.   What does this mean?  


Although we use both Chromebooks and ipads at Helensville, the majority of learning, communication and collaboration is done with the support of Google Suite for Education. 

Google Suite is a set of online tools that aid collaboration, time-management, and document storage. Provided by Google to schools at no cost, these tools include:

  • Calendar: a customisable calendar and to-do list.
  • Google Docs Suite: a word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and drawing program that allows multi-user access and editing.
  • Google Classroom, Google Sites and Youtube
  • Google continues to add new tools and the school will evaluate each of its educational potential as they come.




Will my child be staring at a screen all day?

No. Although we are integrating the use of Digital Technology​ into our learning more, this does not mean that your child will be fixed to a screen. Students will still work in small groups with their teacher, work in groups with their peers, use other ‘hands on’ learning and write in books. They will still be handwriting, drawing, painting, running, throwing and communicating. We do not want to substitute books for a computer. Devices will be used at the teacher’s discretion when they can support or enhance learning. The device is a tool which will be used when appropriate. Teachers are extremely aware of the need to ensure that long sustained periods of time in front of a screen do not occur. 




Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to keeping your children safe online.

The internet changes all the time, and it’s full of perils and positives that are tricky to navigate even as adults. While we’re all still learning what it means to support our kids online, we’ve got some ideas to help you get started.








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